May Day 2019

May Day is International Workers’ Day. It has its origins in the fight for an eight-hour working day. A fight that workers waged throughout the 19th century.

This fight is still relevant today.

It remains relevant today for the millions of unemployed, especially in the European Union, as unemployment represents a fundamental war on workers. The right to work and the right to work in your country of birth are fundamental.

It remains relevant for the millions on zero hours contracts never knowing how to make ends meet. And it remains relevant for all those working way more than eight hours a day yet still only being able to survive by getting food from food banks.

Precarious work, unemployment and overwork in unacceptable conditions are all part of the same drive by capital to make workers slaves to labour.

Workers Must Organise

There must be a return to workplace organisation, to trade union activism and solidarity. If your friend is unemployed take them to work with you and demand a decent job for them. If your friend is working every hour there is, yet is still in poverty, join with them in fighting for a pay rise.

Capitalism around the world is reeling from the biggest blow that workers have dealt to it in recent history.

In Britain, 17.4 million British workers voted to leave the EU. 
The EU has been the main bastion of anti-socialism and pro-globalisation in the West. 

It has been the greatest ally of the US and one of the fiercest opponents of progress, alongside NATO, its military partner.

Every major capitalist organisation in the world joined forces to oppose the vote for national independence in Britain and they have joined forces again to try and undermine the result.

Against capitalist globalisation we assert socialist internationalism. At the heart of this is respect for the self determination of nations. There is nothing more precious and essential for winning the battle for democracy in each country and for building socialism than national independence.

US Imperialism is Alive and Well 

Throughout the world the United States seeks to turn back progress. This is evident in Latin America where it threatens Venezuela, Bolivia and Cuba constantly.

It also threatens China and many others, and promotes a culture of violence throughout the world with economic sanctions and through its ‘entertainments’ and gaming industries.

The Unelected Run Our Corporations

We have allowed the European Union to put the unelected representatives of the largest corporations in charge of its member states. It dominates previously independent economies with debt and austerity budgets and it plunders Africa in new forms of colonialism.

Mass starvation, the fostering of ethnic and other divisions, war and large scale enforced migrations are the essential social policy tools of global capital in many parts of the world .

This May Day has special significance for those who continue to oppose Medieval fundamentalist ideas and savage armies, and who promote equality, a love of science and peaceful coexistence. 

We recognise the great heroism and sacrifices being made, particularly in many countries in the Middle East, by men and women and young people committed to a more humane, democratic and inclusive future.

Our earth and its land and environment, as the first English socialists in the seventeenth century said, are “a common treasury for all” and it is the privatisation of production for profit that continues to abandon planned measures to protect our planet.

Workers create all technological and scientific progress and all culture. We do not need market competition to achieve this. The world has never had such instant access to the discoveries and social and technical advances of mankind.

There has never been such potential for socialism and theorganisation and sharing of natural and manufactured resourcesin the interests of humanity and the environment.

Workers’ Party of Britain

May 1st 2019

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