A Vision for Education

Education is the passing on of knowledge, skills and culture to bring about a better society. Education is generated from the productive processes, which in themselves produce higher order skills and understanding. In short it relies on the industrial and cultural capital of workers.

Education provides the intellectual strength and dignity of the working class. Knowledge gives us power. Workers must be skilled at both a general and specific level so we are self- reliant as a country and not dependent on workers from elsewhere. Society needs thinkers who are able to link theory and practice, with a capacity to analyse, criticise and develop complex ideas.

While the point of education is not just a service to the individual, it is important that workers feel they are able to develop their skills and knowledge throughout their lives, both for the good of society and for their own well-being. Informal education is part of this process, whether it is through play services, youth work, community development, adult or trade union education. The socialist state will guarantee the provision of life-long learning opportunities.

The crucial link between educational achievement and poverty must be addressed, and will require investment in health, housing, and all the services needed to improve the lives of workers. This above all will raise the educational attainment of the whole country.

Education is a National Investment

We must treat education is an investment, and it must be free at the point of delivery. Private education will be abolished and its resources brought under state control. We all have aptitudes and intelligence, and education will cease to be a commodity to be bought and sold.

Education cannot flourish if the economic life of the nation is in decline. As a planned approach is taken to the economy, so all educational provision will need to deliver the knowledge and skills required to regenerate the national economy and raise the cultural capital of workers. There will need to be an integrated approach which reaches down through all levels of education.

Schools, colleges, universities, trade unions, economic development committees and local industries will need to plan on a regional basis to serve local needs and provide apprenticeships and work experience.

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