Winter of Discontent

Health Secretary Hunt is well used to making reassuring noises during the destruction of the NHS, which his administration drives relentlessly forward. His latest response to the Francis Report into the Mid Staffordshire Hospital gives ample evidence of this tactic. He hides behind rhetoric about individual medical practitioners being open about errors and failures, and being forced to pay some compensation claims rather than the NHS.

In the meantime, Hunt’s hatchet men are planning to cut 7,000 nursing jobs by 2016 when one of the main thrusts of the Francis Report is the implementation of minimum staffing levels on all wards. Trusts are aiming to employ 3,000 more nurses this year, while planning to cut numbers sharply in the next two years. The cuts would result in the closure of whole wards to avoid breaking new minimum staff-patient ratios.

Various NHS leaders have repeatedly warned government of deteriorating patient care. Outsourcing, another name for privatisation is taking its toll. The danger to A&E departments this winter has been highlighted by Labour, but what is also at stake is the basic delivery of patient services through this winter and beyond. Who will defend the NHS from these dead-end politicians? No one but ourselves.

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The EU has realised that Brexit is no game; it is the serious desire of the British population. Countries are panicking about the prospect of no-deal, as it will hurt economies in ways they refused to accept. Britain has the upper hand. Get Brexit done!

Pandemic planning in Britain is a Mess. Pandemic planning is split between the Joint Biosecurity Centre, the National Covid Response Centre and the Covid19 Taskforce.
Four separate IT systems are used (Synergy, CTAS, SGSS and HP Zone), meaning data is lost.

Too many people have died through government inaction, carelessness & slavish adherence to private companies & organisations. Billions have been thrown at private companies, often with Tory party connections, despite repeated failures across the board.

Internationalism meant that they shared their information with the world and are participating in an international vaccine programme. Not vaccine nationalism USA style.

The main lessons to be learned from the socialist countries were that they not only acted upon the science but had built and used a strong public sector. They were also able to switch manufacturing to the making of PPE to meet their own needs.

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