Winter of Discontent

Health Secretary Hunt is well used to making reassuring noises during the destruction of the NHS, which his administration drives relentlessly forward. His latest response to the Francis Report into the Mid Staffordshire Hospital gives ample evidence of this tactic. He hides behind rhetoric about individual medical practitioners being open about errors and failures, and being forced to pay some compensation claims rather than the NHS.

In the meantime, Hunt’s hatchet men are planning to cut 7,000 nursing jobs by 2016 when one of the main thrusts of the Francis Report is the implementation of minimum staffing levels on all wards. Trusts are aiming to employ 3,000 more nurses this year, while planning to cut numbers sharply in the next two years. The cuts would result in the closure of whole wards to avoid breaking new minimum staff-patient ratios.

Various NHS leaders have repeatedly warned government of deteriorating patient care. Outsourcing, another name for privatisation is taking its toll. The danger to A&E departments this winter has been highlighted by Labour, but what is also at stake is the basic delivery of patient services through this winter and beyond. Who will defend the NHS from these dead-end politicians? No one but ourselves.

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Azov battalion surrender at the Azovstal steelworks; a symbolic defeat for Ukraine. US, UK & some EU governments still want to fight the war to the last Ukrainian; they continue warmongering and sending weaponry to Ukraine.

#Russia says it has no problem with #Sweden or #Finland, hence no problem with it joining #NATO. It will however monitor its deployment of troops and weaponry, and take action appropriate to the threats.
As in Britain it's up to the people to say #No2NATO.

Protests outside the offices of the #NewYorkTimes against coverage of the murder of #ShireenAbuAqleh, by Israelis military, #IDF. The #BBC also reported "violence breaks out at funeral", even though video clearly shows Israelis police attacked mourners.

In a statement to MPs in late April Ben Wallace Secretary of State for Defence said "gifts of weapons by Britain could eventually total £500m" to Ukraine, as he gloried in the reported of the deaths of 15,000 Russian soldiers.

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