US Hypocrisy Over Chemical Weapons

As the Obama administration disguises its true policy of hostility and isolation towards Iran on behalf of Israel and Saudi Arabia, by claiming a moral opposition to chemical warfare, its own record of user and supplier to pursue its interests needs examination.


The US used chemical weapons in the Korean War. General McArthur wanted to use nuclear weapons but was stopped by the President .


Iran drew US hostility as soon as it questioned US control of its oil assets. Its first elected president Mosaddegh was overthrown by a US coup with British complicity in 1953, installing the despotic Shah monarchy. When the Shah was overthrown, Saddam Hussein became the US ally. He was encouraged to attack Iran which resulted in the catastrophic 1980-1988 Iraq /Iran war with hundreds of thousands of casualties on both sides.

Saddam Hussain was supplied with chemical weapons, which were used against Iran and later in Iraq against Kurds in Halabdja. This is one reason why Iran is so hostile to the use of chemical weapons in warfare. At the time the US and Britain said they were sceptical of claims related to chemical weapons but later when Saddam Hussain became the enemy of convenience, Halabdja was used as propaganda against him. The much larger use of chemical weapons in Iran was largely suppressed.


In the Iraq war the US used phosphorous bombs in Fallujah, incinerating hundreds, and it also supplied those weapons to Israel who used them in Lebanon and Palestine.


US manufacturer Dow Chemicals caused thousands of deaths, disabilities and chronic illness as well as great environmental damage in its ‘accident’ in Bhopal, largely avoiding responsibility or compensation to its victims. The US government did not punish the firm or force it into a fair settlement. Among the chemicals manufactured there were those used in chemical warfare.


By far the largest use of chemical weapons was in Vietnam. 80 million litres of Agents Orange, Green and Blue were used over 10 years on forests, mangroves, crops, hamlets and people. Birth defects are still affecting babies three generations after the war, while the environment will take decades if not longer to recover. US use of Napalm (designed to stick to flesh and cause horrific burns) was widespread in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Successive governments have not apologized, compensated or helped the victims of its chemical warfare to recover.

Real opposition to chemical warfare requires exposure of US hypocrisy and support for a regional peace conference including Iran.

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