US Drive to War

Those who call for war should be the first perhaps to volunteer for front line service. But the Congress and Senate in the United States have always been full of cowards. They, like Blair, prefer to send the young working class men and women of the armed services to do their dirty work.

Clearly Obama has made a calculation, like many Democrat Presidents before him, that imperialism is best. Remember Johnson in Vietnam and the slogan that peeled out throughout the world, “Hey hey LBJ how many kids did you kill today?”

Fresh from praising Martin Luther King at the 50th anniversary of his great speech, Obama prepares to slaughter the innocent and set off a conflagration that will embroil the region and potentially lead to the war they really want against Iran. Obama’s initial hesitancy on the matter, a bit like Ed Milliband’s declaration in 2011 that the coalition government needed to be brought down, was probably in part a reflection of natural human instincts, but it never takes the State long to get its teeth into a potential social democratic rebel and turn them. Obama wants war. Milliband wants the coalition in till 2015 as his troubled Party is unfit to govern.

The US arms companies, enriched by their mass production and use of chemical weapons, love a permanent war. Blair, a war profiteer himself, should be charged for his previous war crimes and perhaps become the victim of the government’s proposed lobbying bill and prevented from having a public voice on this matter before he lines his pockets again with the spoils of the murder of infants.

The US state is fumbling for a renewed control of key markets and regions. It cannot easily invade Latin America. It cannot easily invade Africa. It cannot invade Russia and China. It is seeking a new trade agreement with the EU to try and profit from healthcare and education in particular. Asia and the Pacific regions are revitalised with strong independent countries, especially Japan and China and Britain is making more significant trading and diplomatic inroads in these areas, now as it has so few gunboats left.

This leaves the US with Israel, Qatar, Saudia Arabia, Turkey and a desperate bid to divide and conquer the Arab world, the cradle of civilisation and now seen by imperialism as an oil well in the Middle East. A last ditch attempt at domination in this region is what they appear to be aiming for. Iran is the most serious contender against this manoeuvre of imperialism and Syria could be the trigger, a more awful flash point than anyone imagines.

Argue against the war against Syria in every workplace. Argue for the complete abolition world wide of chemical weapons.

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