Ukraine: EU+US – Counter-Revolution

A coup has taken place in Ukraine. It has been cynically engineered from within and outside the country. The western media has characterised the protestors in Kiev as pro-democracy campaigners struggling against an authoritarian government. The demonstrators were all supposedly wanting the country to join the EU. Putin is portrayed as the evil Russian ogre.

The facts are somewhat different. President Yanukovych was elected in a legal poll. Far from wanting a western form of democracy, many of the protestors were extreme right nationalists and fascists. One group, the anti-semitic Svoboda, claims that Ukraine is controlled by a “Moscow-Jewish Mafia”; this same group which controls the city of Lviv was at the forefront of a march to commemorate Bandera, a Ukranian fascist whose forces fought with the Nazis. Recently, US senator McCain was pleased to share a platform with the party’s leader. Another fascist group, ‘Right Sector’, wanting to out-do Svoboda, is intent on spreading fear and terror throughout the nation.

Added to the mix is the pernicious influence of the EU in its efforts to force Ukraine to sign an association agreement, which offers loans for austerity as Merkel’s Germany leads the drive to open up Ukraine to western companies; with the IMF all too ready to get involved.

Dangerous divisions between a nationalistic west (the western media would have us believe that the population all want to be in the EU – very far from the truth) and a largely Russian speaking east and south (where a communist party still has some support) have developed. Of course, the EU and US want their hands on Ukraine’s industry, much of which is situated in the east, while trying to force the whole country into NATO. Strategically, Ukraine would be very important for EU/US interests, which is why so many government politicians in the US and Britain, such as John Kerry and William Hague, were very quick to condemn the Ukranian government and police. The West has already destroyed more than half the country’s national income in five years through rapid mass privatisation.

The Ukranian people must exert their own authority, not look to outsiders to provide answers. There is a drift towards civil war which must be stopped. A default position of a Ukraine split in two is not an option for Ukranians. Neither is it an option for Russia and other European states. German led EU and US are playing a very dangerous game with the boundaries and people of Europe.

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Failure of government and employers to endure decent sick pay will lead to many more deaths. Trade Unions have set the standard by demanding sick pay and health and safety over the decades and particularly during this pandemic.

EU Is still trying to rule Britain, Barnier tries demanding EU vessels have access to British waters otherwise there will be exclusion from EU markets; that there is a risk of a no deal. We must have sovereign rights over our fishing grounds.

EU fishing company bosses talk about winning a game with respect to Britain's fishing waters; but the struggle over fishing rights is serious. Ask Venezuelans if defence of sovereignty is a game, or Palestinians whether gaining it is mere play.

The EU has realised that Brexit is no game; it is the serious desire of the British population. Countries are panicking about the prospect of no-deal, as it will hurt economies in ways they refused to accept. Britain has the upper hand. Get Brexit done!

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