This England


How does the stiff upper lip in England get unleashed into a vibrant dialogue about our future as the nation of Britain with everyone else chattering and laughing and wondering where on earth a Cameron and Osborne came from?

The Celts can do it. Common sense and an affection for each other prevailed in Scotland and Wales, but in England even stirring a hearty guffaw is difficult. Don’t trust England  with a parliament of its own till it can belly laugh.

England is  a troublesome place full of the likes of Heath, Thatcher and Blair. All were odiously reserved revolutionaries. The brutality of their revolutions pales all previous attempts to turn back the clock to serfdom.

Heath lied about membership of the Common Market knowing all along it was a plot to put the EU in charge over previously independent nations and the creation of a political union which puts EU law over national law.

Thatcher lied by saying the people were the enemy within and that Britain could survive without industry and within the EU. She signed the Single European Act remember.

Blair lied about practically everything, particularly the reasons for following the US into a war for oil and the EU into a binge of privatisation.

It is now time for stability and calm and an inclination towards the truth.

A nation is its people. People work. We create everything. Why not control everything?

Since the adoption of universal suffrage people in Britain have said ‘trust and rely on those we elect’. Before this we could elect no one on our side. We created the Labour Party to say we are on your side but they goofed it.

In 2010 those we elected never got a look in and the banks took advantage running the elected MPs and their coalition ragged.

An unelected coalition with no mandate set about accelerating the work that Thatcher and Blair had begun. That people wanted a change of direction was conveniently forgotten.

Scotland reminded us that this was not right in its debate on a referendum. This turned into a debate on the future for us all. And Miliband is quite right the people not the elite should decide the future direction.

Reactionaries in England responded by saying we want more power like them and no doubt a few constitutional lawyers and professors to help us out of the mess.

But more power for what? The Redwood stiff upper lip and the repulsive Farage? True Englishmen lacking good mongrel pedigree.

Those seeking more power for Wales, Scotland, England, Cornwall, Yorkshire, and the big Cities want it for their own interests not those of others. They forget the EU has all the power, not to mention the finance houses and large corporations.

The overwhelming weight of working class opinion and action is for togetherness and unity. Preachers of division and sectarianism and selfishness hate this. Corporate powers love our confusion on these matters.

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