The Parties are over.

Traditional party conferences are part of the virtual world these days. They come and go and no one really cares. Very few delegates actually attend them but millions know about them because of the television and newspapers.

Yet very few take any notice of them. It’s all tax and spend within the restraints of the debt and deficit that benefit the banks.

As the democratic world of the past has been turned upside down, so the relationship between parliamentary representatives and the people has fundamentally changed.

A country should be governed by those the people elected in a great enthusiasm of popular democracy.

This is no longer the case in Britain.

Parliamentary politicians no longer take the will of the people to Parliament to govern the country in the people’s interests. They tout now and then on the dreaded doorstep usually interrupting something more important going on in the house and appeal for votes for their platform.

If they get elected they then pretend to tell us what to do.

They can only pretend because the British state and its Parliament is governed by unelected forces on the boards of companies and banks and in the European Commission and Whitehouse.

Setting the world the right way up is going to be the responsibility of the people electing their own to govern.


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