Syria 2: Stop the Intervention!

Once again the warmongers seek to involve our country in an imperialist war, this time in Syria. As usual the excuse is humanitarian concern for the Syrian people from an alleged chemical attack by the government there, claiming intelligence proof which they refuse to publish.

After the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ lies of the Iraq war, the public and many polititians across the UK parties as well as military leaders and diplomats oppose the intervention and ask how an attack by western powers on Syria on one side of a civil war can help peace there and in the region.

The humanitarian motives of Blair and Cameron are not credible, after Iraq, Afghanistan and the recent tacit support for the coup in Egypt and the subsequent massacres of Muslim Brotherhood supporters of the elected government. The rebel opposition Cameron proposes to support have currently been ‘cleansing’ 30,000 to 40,000 Syrian Kurds in the North East of Syria and forced them to flee into Iraq and yet we hear nothing of that in the Western press about this or rebel shelling of Christian areas in Damascus. So what is their motive?

In brief, it is to prevent a diplomatic settlement in the Middle East that involves talks with all the countries in the region particularly Iran. Such a settlement is the only outcome that can deliver peace in the region and bring an end to the fratricidal war between Sunni and Shia Muslims, but it is a settlement which does not suit the most reactionary regimes in the Middle East; Israel and Saudi Arabia and their allies and the governments of the US, the UK and France.

Saudi Arabia, Quatar and Kuwait have backed the military coup in Egypt with £10 billion even though it involved the massacre of Sunni Muslims. They see the continuation of the status quo as the guarantee of the survival of its reactionary monarchical control and fear change and the advance of democracy.

Israel has the same objective, seeking to maintain its illegal territorial gains and military control. Currently the US, UK and French governments are staking their future on a stability based on the current power balance. Their ambition is unrealistic and immoral. The UK national interest lies in the progress of peace and justice in the Middle East. This demands a diplomatic solution which includes Iran and all other countries with a stake there. It will certainly not be served by an attack on Syria under the hypocritical pretence of human concern.

Those who back Al-Qaeda to serve their narrow interests will not hesitate to use chemical weapons or incite others into intervention. If there was use of such weapons the only gainers are Saudi Arabia, Israel and their western backers. Stop the war on Syria.


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Regional & municipal elections in Venezuela, gave massive majority support for the Bolivarian Revolution; 20 of 23 governorships were won by Chavistas, who also gained over 200 of the 335 Mayors. The US empire refuses to accept the democratic results.

Cuba is a world leader in providing it's people with vaccines against the Corona virus; this is inspite of inhuman US sanctions.

Progressive Labour MP's, activists & Trade Unionists issued an open letter on the 1st anniversary of Bolivia's election, when there was a rejection of brutal coup leaders. The statement applauded move to rebuild Bolivia’s economy & tackle COVID-19.

US young Nazi, Kyle Rttenhouse crossed state lines armed with a semi-automatic rifle, & with support from police, went on the rampage killing, 2 protesters against police shooting of Jacob Blake. Now a US court has acquitted & thus endorsed this deadly vigilantism.

Rania Khalek@RaniaKhalek

Excellent statement, walks you through the murders and the sham trial process.

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