Premature Deaths in Britain and the Need for a Better NHS.

Research published in The Lancet gives data on health indicators over the last 20 years. Life expectancy has increased by 4 years since 1990, but the treatment of certain serious chronic conditions needs to be improved. The UK comes below average  in terms of healthy life expectancy in comparison with the 18 European and other countries in the study and we enjoy fewer years of good health before we die.

This study by leading health academics from Britain and several other countries concludes that to make progress in reducing deaths from cardiovascular diseases and cancer there must be improvements in “public health, prevention, early intervention, and treatment activities.” The authors also point to “the growing burden of disability, particularly from mental disorders, substance use, musculoskeletal disorders, and falls”, which “deserves an integrated and strategic response.”

Commenting on problems exposed in this article Professor John Newton, chief knowledge officer at Public Health England (PHE), said that the NHS must pay attention but the underlying causes of health problems “often have little to do with health care.” The Lancet’s research should be taken as a call for various aspects of the Health Service to be improved, for the good of the patients.

The Condem government, intent on privatising health care, has no solutions for the problems of the NHS. We should bear in mind that many of our health problems have socio-economic causes such as poverty, homelessness, malnutrition and unemployment and that these factors are aggravated by the dominant neo-liberal policies of the ruling class. As well as fighting to maintain and improve our NHS, we also have  to think about how we can best change society.

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There is general scientific rejection of the idea that Covid 19 came about because laboratory manipulation in China. This idea pushed by Trump & now Biden's staff is based on & pursues racist sterotypes & anti-communist properganda.

China condemns US incursion into the South China Sea, as provocative. Biden's policy of attempting to isolate China, is to be achieved by cajoling other counties.

China disputes the right of a handful of countries to order the world, saying
"We always believe that countries, big or small, strong or weak, poor or rich, are equals, and that world affairs should be handled through consultation by all countries."

EU is a neo-liberal freetrade deal that Britain's workers were right to withdraw from. The British TUC & Australian Congress of Trade Unions are right to express grave concerns about the Free Trade Agreement being negotiated by the countries government.

As of football was not enough in the hands of corporations & billionaire owners. Fans, the government and football authorities stand up for national based leagues, rather than transnational money spinners.

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