Police cuts indication of social breakdown too

The HM Inspectors of constabulary have indicated that at least three police forces may not be able to provide a “sufficiently efficient or effective service” in the future. While it is increasingly clear that there is more crime in the suites of the banks and Canary Wharf than on our streets, it is also clear that the increasing poverty and desperation of many in our community and the rise in mental health issues and so on is an indication of new forms of social breakdown. Often good police work helps communities from the effects of this.  Since the miner’s strike of 1984 when the police were used as a brutal mercenary army against decent working folk, the police have by and large had a big role to play in avoiding the market meltdown in our communities that the neoliberal agenda has demanded. They have had to repair their tarnished image.To attack the police now is therefore predictable and a reversal of the historic Tory position and sign of the times. At this time we need more united and safer communities and part of this process will be ensuring a sufficiently well resourced and independent police force linked to decent values of supporting working class communities from various forms of crime, including the extreme financial violence perpetrated against our communities by the financiers and this evil government.

The HM report on the impact of 20% funding cuts to police in England and Wales by 2015 said the Met Police, Devon and Cornwall and Lincolnshire were at risk.

There would be 5,800 fewer front-line officers across the 43 forces, it said.

Among the HMIC predictions:

The number of civilian staff doing front-line duties would fall by 2,300 by 2015 compared with five years earlier, in addition to the reductions in front-line officers.
The number of non-front-line officers would fall by 7,600, with the total police workforce expected to shrink by 32,400
Further job cuts could be needed because of a £302m shortfall in police spending plans.

Don’t be fooled, workers should care about these job cuts as any other.

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