Pay up.

The assault on the value of pay now means that workers wages represent some 53% of Gross Domestic Product. This compares with 65% in previous generations. If you want a prime cause of the economic meltdown this is a significant factor. The clarity that the fight for pay benefits the economy that was widespread in the leadership of the trade unions in the seventies, has long gone. It needs however to be restored and fast. No more time for rhetoric on this one.

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In socialist China there has been a successful Targeted Poverty Alleviation program, one of the three guaranteed is safe housing, which after a mass mobilisation of Communist Party members has been achieved throughout the country

In Britain homelessness is expected to soar as Covid measured are ended. The idea of affordable homes has been a pious hope, but now safe homes will be beyond the means of increasing numbers of working people.

GMB members #Brightonbinworkers strike, against sudden changes in shifts & culture of bullying, has gone on for two weeks. The Green council's intransigence has led to health risks as rubbish piles up. Green's Tory allies have accused workers of Terrorism

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