Pay up.

The assault on the value of pay now means that workers wages represent some 53% of Gross Domestic Product. This compares with 65% in previous generations. If you want a prime cause of the economic meltdown this is a significant factor. The clarity that the fight for pay benefits the economy that was widespread in the leadership of the trade unions in the seventies, has long gone. It needs however to be restored and fast. No more time for rhetoric on this one.

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The EU's vaccine export ban is potentially a genocidal policy, an act of an enemy. There are still remainers who would have us back in. The SNP & Alba after breaking up Britain would seek membership of the gangster EU.
Better together! Oppose the EU!

Scientists for Britain@ScienceBritain

The EU wants to impose a vaccine export ban without saying it’s a ‘vaccine export ban’.
As usual, they play with language to deny their most unpleasant motives.

There have been numerous calls for Sturgeon to resign, on the grounds she has misled parliament. The workers of Scotland now should give the SNP it's marching orders, for attempting to create division in the British working class.

The defence & foreign policy review is to cut military personel; though total speding will increase with a focus on the technology of war: nuclear weapons expansion, development of bio-tech, cyber warfare, & artificial intelligence.

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