No To Cold War With Russia

The ‘Cold War’ and the potential for a shooting war launched by western interests have never really disappeared since the fall of the Soviet Union. What the West cannot bring itself to recognise just yet is that since the US backed coup a year ago, Ukraine has become a failed state and reflects a wider failure of foreign policy by the US, EU and NATO. Ukraine has been defeated on the battlefield, despite its attempts to wreck the Minsk ceasefire by not removing heavy artillery on the agreed timetable.

The Ukrainian government is weak, run by plutocrats and beset with factions, some of which are murderous neo-fascists. There is little organised state control over aspects of civil life. Armed militias contend with each other for power, which weakens leader Porischenko still further. Already a million Ukrainians have left for Russia. The Ukraine economy has a £21 billion black hole. The EU is willing to support Ukraine up to a point but it does not want it as another member state. Meanwhile, Cameron sends 75 British troops to train a demoralised Ukrainian army.

While Germany and France brokered the Minsk agreement, the US has failed so far to convince the EU (with the glaring exception of Britain) to intervene militarily. There is, therefore, a widening division between the US and EU. The US and NATO would clearly like to arm Ukraine while there is a growing hesitancy among EU states, despite the bellicose rhetoric from British politicians. The British government has used the crisis to ratchet up anti-Russian feeling and prepare the British people for greater spending on ‘defence’.

Britain’s record of military intervention over decades has been devastating for the countries concerned. The failed state of Libya is a case in point, where the country is now split geographically and along religious sectarian lines. Britain’s handiwork produced mass destruction and a country largely run by warlords. Any attack on Russia would produce many more far-reaching problems, including the safety of the whole world.
Some western nations are even starting to recognise the fact that the influence of the US is in decline. It is the US that is becoming isolated.

Progressive nations are questioning what was accepted as the US sphere of influence. Many Balkan countries have large Russian populations. Russia has every right to exercise its influence over areas where it is directly affected. Why should Russia tolerate NATO bases all along its borders? More EU nations are reluctant to commit troops to Ukraine. Although the US and EU propaganda machines are as vitriolic as ever the Minsk agreement allows East Ukraine to trade with Russia, which was already a fait accompli. The cracks in US/EU policy towards Russia are widening. Putin has out-manoeuvred the West. We have to oppose all warmongering proposals made in our name. The Russian and Ukrainian people have a right to self-determination and peace, as do we.

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