No Socialism in the EU

Bob Crow’s daughter reminded the May Day crowds in London that there is no chance of socialism within the EU Empire.

No2EU candidates deserve our support wherever they are standing.

Socialists have warned that unless the trade unions, progressive movements and workers generally reclaim the lead on the anti EU position and call for withdrawal, nutty forces of neoliberalism like UKIP will, and they will do it well.

The EU is a vast neoliberal and increasingly war mongering machine, led by German imperialism.

UKIP want out of this club, but also further integration into the international neoliberal machine. Like all of the established parties they are actually led by those close to the City of London. Finance capital enjoys hedging its bets politically and keeps a foot in most camps.

In fact UKIP is quite a godsend for them. It votes for the German led neoliberal policies within the EU and argues against workers’ rights and social progress in Britain. Unlike the Lib Dems, Labour and Conservatives who do the same, UKIP does it in a way which weirdly taps into the genuine concern workers have for self determination in Britain.

Historically this impulse, good at heart, leads to progressive working class nationalism or highly regressive national socialism of a right wing kind.

Workers for Britain, for socialism and for internationalism must seize the moment and overturn those in the unions, even those in high places in the unions who cavort with the Bilderberg Group and Britain in Europe, and replace them with patriotic, socialist, internationalist leaders like Bob Crow and now his daughter.

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