North Korea has been succesfully depicted by the capitalist media as a weird, vicious place. No socialist should buy easilly into these stereotypes. For sixty years Korea has been threatened by nuclear and conventioinal bombing. Every town and city in Korea was blitzed by US carpet bombing in 1950-53. Over four million Koreans were killed. The US has directly threatened nuclear invasions at least four times. In their regular defence reviews the US has always identified countries for first strike nuclear attack and Korea has always been one of them. As recently as 2012 under Obama this position was endorsed. This is in stark contrast to the political and constitutioinal position of North Korea which is not to use nuclear arms aggressively.

So when for example US B52s in March 2013 rehearsed more bombing raids over Korea tensions would mount. Dummy ammunition was also dropped on direct flights from the US to Korea, they dropped, then returned back to the US. The carrier was the stealth B2 bomber a plane capable of dropping atomic bombs 75 times more powerful than those dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Such military exercises are planned to continue over the coming months the US State department has made this clear: “The US will continue to demonstrate unique advanced capabilities as these exercises continue.” Two US destroyers have just been deployed and will be joined by a third. A US South Korean plan is in place to invade the North. Japan will support. Make no mistake South Korea has first strike capabilities and has had them for years. The US’s increasing aggression is affording it opportunities such as its recent installation of 14 more missile interceptors in Alaska to build up weaponry against China.

Another US led intervention is threatened against a sovereign country, just because Korea appears so alien to our political culture and is proudly self determining like Cuba, Vietnam, Venezuela and many others, is no justification for workers here to tolerate for a second warmongering against the North Korean people, nor should we let Cameron use it as an excuse to bolster Trident.

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Regional & municipal elections in Venezuela, gave massive majority support for the Bolivarian Revolution; 20 of 23 governorships were won by Chavistas, who also gained over 200 of the 335 Mayors. The US empire refuses to accept the democratic results.

Cuba is a world leader in providing it's people with vaccines against the Corona virus; this is inspite of inhuman US sanctions.

Progressive Labour MP's, activists & Trade Unionists issued an open letter on the 1st anniversary of Bolivia's election, when there was a rejection of brutal coup leaders. The statement applauded move to rebuild Bolivia’s economy & tackle COVID-19.

US young Nazi, Kyle Rttenhouse crossed state lines armed with a semi-automatic rifle, & with support from police, went on the rampage killing, 2 protesters against police shooting of Jacob Blake. Now a US court has acquitted & thus endorsed this deadly vigilantism.

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Excellent statement, walks you through the murders and the sham trial process. https://twitter.com/pslweb/status/1461890095838023684

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