IS must be eradicated – but how?

IS is a gang of around 20,000 thugs with a cult of death and nothing but murder in their hearts. IS  is creating a confederacy of Islamist extremists to attack Westerners both abroad and in their own capitals. It is harboured as primitive guerrilla forces are by a people in fear and people in their support who have seen their country, Iraq, bombed and plundered by Britain and others for a hundred years.

They represent one of the most barbaric forces the world has seen. They were the creation of the US and UK led war on Iraq and provocations against Syria and the puppet regime in Iraq. Iraq rid itself of internal extremist terror and the west sought to rekindle this. IS is the creation of the West every much as it is the creation of crazed fanatics.

They are a guerrilla force not a coherent army,  disparate and hidden within communities and not sitting pretty for  clinical air strikes.  Some of their very tin pot infrastructure however has already been destroyed by highly targeted US attacks. BUt they do control areas that cannot be bombed with further loss of civilian life.

How they are dealt with is what will count.

There’s no doubt that every last one of them should be rounded up and dealt with. Many are fanatical war criminals.

Setting another war alight with the US posse in control and the UK tagging along behind will not provide the answer. Saudia Arabia and Quatar will join in, but will they stop selling arms to IS as well?

Support for the brave forces of Syria who have been fighting these terrorists for three years would be one useful measure. Paying significant war reparations to Iraq to rebuild for its people would be another.

Creating a fully international force to contain and defeat IS through the UN has to be advocated.

About 500 British nationals have joined ISIS overseas and a huge integration and educational programme needs to be waged within British communities of youth of Muslim faith. We are paying the prices for years of alienating our young people and of ghettoising backward religious prejudices under the divisiveness of multiculturalism.

Much more media time could be devoted to the exposure of the perversion of Islam that this group represents could be given throughout he Middle east and in some of our communities in the West.

All countries need to strenuously apply the UN resolution of not permitting terrorist fighters to cross their borders. Turkey has a key role in this.

A more concerted effort could be made to cut off arms supplies and ammunition to Islamic State.

But one thing is also for sure the UK Parliament’s supine obedience yet again to the US special relationship will not solve the problem. It will fan more flames and bitterness.



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