From opposition to proposition

The parasite has nearly killed its host. Nation states which capitalism gave a progressive birth to, are no longer required now it’s in its decrepitude. The answer to this is not to melt down with it, diverted by the illusions either of petty nationalism or wide eyed internationalism. Both lead nowhere and leave capital intact.

Working class opposition to the blitzkrieg of the accumulated effects of neoliberalism have been confined to outdated forms of protest and oppositionism. Social democracy was characterised by a form of listening and large Labour Movement marches and pivotal industrial struggles could not be ignored by Parliament.

Neoliberalism takes no notice of them. It considers them pathetic and irrelevant just as it sees Parliaments as awkward obstacles to its progress.

The universal franchise was always a nuisance to capitalism in Britain, but their way round it has been to supersede it by putting supra national bodies like the EU and a new authoritarianism in government in control.

The will and interests of the majority are structurally kept at bay. Politicians have become advocates of personal or party opinions, not representatives of the people directed by our will. What we believe is needed is a new form of proposition, a new form of government.

We have to move from saying no to saying yes to what we want. This must not be confined to previous forms of economic alternative strategies, though these are essential today, but it is primarily a political question demanding an engaged answer and new machinery of social organisation and government.

The building of a new democracy serving all parts of the country and designed to enact equality, wealth creation and fair distribution of resources, is now an urgent necessity.

Our proposition rests on the ability to make a nation serve the 99% of its people in a new way with the creation of full employment, equality and international solidarity at its heart.

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Azov battalion surrender at the Azovstal steelworks; a symbolic defeat for Ukraine. US, UK & some EU governments still want to fight the war to the last Ukrainian; they continue warmongering and sending weaponry to Ukraine.

#Russia says it has no problem with #Sweden or #Finland, hence no problem with it joining #NATO. It will however monitor its deployment of troops and weaponry, and take action appropriate to the threats.
As in Britain it's up to the people to say #No2NATO.

Protests outside the offices of the #NewYorkTimes against coverage of the murder of #ShireenAbuAqleh, by Israelis military, #IDF. The #BBC also reported "violence breaks out at funeral", even though video clearly shows Israelis police attacked mourners.

In a statement to MPs in late April Ben Wallace Secretary of State for Defence said "gifts of weapons by Britain could eventually total £500m" to Ukraine, as he gloried in the reported of the deaths of 15,000 Russian soldiers.

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