EU Elections – the beginning of the end?

In many countries, particularly in Britain, socialists and trade unionists will be concerned at the rise of the right in the EU elections. The twonks in UKIP will be under fire all round.

What should worry us more deeply though is the abject failure of socialists and trade unionists in Britain to be the leading voice in the anti-EU, anti open door immigration struggle.

Trade unionists have lost most from the EU’s neoliberal agenda that has worsened every year since 1975. Yet confusion in the ranks that somehow our executioner can be reformed to be our friend has bedevilled the unions, coupled with confusion over the national question and internationalism.

Trade unionists have lost most from the mass migrations too and from EU directives which have assisted the systematic dismantling of collective bargaining throughout the continent.

The EU is a monster presiding over 30 million unemployed, more than just a reserved army of labour.

The EU has put the banks in charge of whole nations and pressed others like Greece into authoritarian servitude.

The EU has broken up the ability of Britain to be a self-determining nation with regard to energy, steel, food, fishing, utilities and a range of manufactured goods.

The EU has presided over the break up of final salary pension schemes and public services.

The EU Parliament is largely toothless. The EU Commission is the power house alongside the unelected governors of the Central Bank and the unofficial lobby group of main employers, the Roundtable of Industrialists.

The EU set itself up as a bulwark against socialism and the development of independent nations.

The EU has pursued the Nazi generals’ immediate post war plan of one single currency, one European foreign policy and a drive into the east of Europe. Germany and the EU orchestrated the terror against the Ukraine and backed the fascists.

As the elites of the EU have feathered their nests in an ever more costly corrupt and preposterous bureaucracy, the people of European countries in the EU, have now rebelled. Channelling that voice have been sinister extremists like the French National Front and the barmy British right wingers in UKIP. They have wiped the floor with the craven muddle-headedness of old social democratic parties like the Labour Conservative parties. The lying Liberal Party is no more with fewer members than many small trade unions and a completely disproportionate press profile. Most people who voted in the EU elections voted from one sceptical point of view or another.

Twentieth century history was shaped very much by bourgeois nationalist and evil national socialist forces freeing their countries of imperialism and finance capital. Within the European area it was the Soviet people who showed an alternative route led by workers. Within Asia it was the Chinese Communist party and the brave Vietnamese. A socialist commitment to national self-determination was key.

We must not let bourgeois nationalists lead the charge against the EU imperialist empire. Progressive socialist voices must take the lead.

In countries where the socialists have a strong anti-austerity, anti-EU line like Greece and Spain, they have done well and limited the vote of the right.

In this struggle the prevention of separatism in Scotland must be the immediate priority.


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