Divide and Rule, NATO and the Descent into Barbarism

Many roads in the centre of Cardiff were blocked to the dismay of local residents, and Newport was heavily guarded by police from across Britain, all to protect the NATO summit from the thousand peace campaigners who gathered at the celtic Manor.

NATO world wide strategy seems chaotic, following the defeat of US led forces in Afghanistan, and the on-going warfare in the Middle East. Support is given to Israel’s genocidal attacks on Palestinian civilians in Gaza. War against Iraq and the destabilisation of Syria have opened the door for the advances of mediaeval practices of Islamic State; Obama admits NATO has no strategy to deal with the situation there.

Instead NATO warmongers have planned the setting up of a rapid reaction force in based in Poland and are to go ahead with manoeuvres in countries bordering Russia. The meetings were full of a provocative statements, blaming Russia for the developments in Ukraine, threatening that Russia should expect no sphere of influence, as an expansionist EU plunges the region into conflict. NATO the EU and the US make increasing threats of economic sanctions against a strong and independent Russia.

The problem with divide and rule is that the divider does not fully control the outcome of the process they have set in motion. This is so in the case of  the German’s fostering of Nazi inspired Ukrainian chauvinism. Germany, the EU and the USA have no wish to go to war with Russia, but politics has a way of being continued a manner that is neither wanted or fully expected.

In the nineties Germany and the EU spearheaded the dismemberment of Yugoslavia and the instigation of inter-ethnic violence.

Blair and Bush bent the truth, to start a war in Iraq and we still see the sectarian consequences today. Cameron and his pet Clegg, not to be left out, have set in train the descent of a stable multi-ethnic Syria into internecine warfare. They have turned a secular, religiously tolerant state into a jihadist’s paradise; a hell for all others, except the financiers and multi-national corporations which thrive on the chaos. Islamic State and refugees on mountain tops are a consequence.

The leaders of NATO, transnational bodies, bankers etc. have a record of deliberately creating  shocking conditions, divisions and devastation. One could well ask what is the future for Britain if Scotland ceases to be part of the Union?

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