Clegg and Farage – the farce before the storm

Farage and Clegg have had the first two knock abouts in the televised EU ‘debates’. They offered a superficial warm up act. Farage easily won and reflected part of the increasing hostility to the European Union, not just in Britain but throughout the continent.

His commitment to a sense of national sovereignty and self determination for Britain put most of the ‘Left’ to shame. The ‘Left’ applaud the self determination of Ireland, Cuba, Vietnam, China, Venezuela and any country threatened by imperialism, but steadfastly fail to assert it for Britain, accusing those who espouse patriotism as well as socialism as being ‘chauvinist’. Presumably they believe enslavement to the EU and a ‘special relationship’ with the US is OK. This is why it has been so critical, and perhaps one of the most enduring legacies of Bob Crow, to recognise that the trade unions and socialist movement must lead the anti EU campaign and call for withdrawal from the EU.

It is curiously and dangerously left to vestiges of the national bourgeoisie represented by some domestic manufacturers and sentimentalists, who Farage echoes, to stand up for an independent Britain. The fact that every policy UKIP would then propose for a Britain outside the EU would be a double dose of nuttiness is another matter. Farage’s call for a people’s army to rise up against the Establishment was, in a curiously British way, a populist call that strikes a chord with the dissatisfaction of the 1% with the 99%, a glimmer of our democratic past from Peasant armies to the New Model Army and also a chilling reminder of how the Nazis gained support with a similar call against the trappings of the Weimar republic and worn out German state.

Nevertheless compared to Clegg’s craven obedience to the forces of international finance capital and absolute hatred of all those living in Britain, Farage seems a saint and is one of the most vocal and fearless critics of the preposterous and monstrous EU shebang. This is worrying as it is the anti EU forces within the socialist movement that offer the most comprehensive vision not just for leaving the EU, but for developing our country for its people afterwards. Our voice needs to get louder.

True to his essential form Clegg lied and lied – only 7% of our laws dictated by the European Union, leaving would mean a jobs massacre – his list of whopping fibs is endless. The 26 million unemployed in the European Union equates to the entire working population of Britain. What waste, what a deliberate war on workers. An independent Britain would be able to trade more freely throughout the globe and rebuild its own manufacturing base. A sovereign people’s assembly running the country would administer 100% of our laws and totally control the political economy of our country.

The warm up acts have had their go, the jesters have performed, it’s now time for every worker to seriously engage with the urgent requirement to leave the EU and run our own country in a new way.


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