Leave the EU

The Current Political Situation – Jan 15th 2019

A statement by the Workers’ Party of Britain. 15th January 2019.

The clarity of the working class vote to leave the EU has further divided an already divided ruling class. 

If Parliament votes against the referendum result and its own previous decision to leave the EU on March 29th it will set itself against democratic advance for the first time since its creation in 1649. 

The situation would be very severe. Big business and the EU would in effect be directly running our affairs. The people will lose all trust and confidence in Parliament. In the false name of parliamentary sovereignty, Parliament would hand over control completely to those we do not elect.

British finance capital which represents the dominant section of the ruling class, by and large wants us to stay in the EU, but is more divided than previously and is in any event against another referendum on the question. Sections of British based finance capital are now attracted to the resurgence of a free world trading market. Since 2016 British ambassadors overseas have been busy encouraging new trading opportunities.

Although finance capital welcomes some limits to immigration, they will want to retain a domestic commitment to the free movement of capital. At this stage neither Labour, nor Tories threaten this.

Big multinational corporation capital wants us to stay in the EU. Their general pragmatism also wants the question to be settled to create more certainty in the markets.

British based business, 90% of which does not trade with the EU, generally wants us out of the EU and a reflation of the British economy.

Labour Party and Conservative Party MPs who want us to remain in the EU do not reflect the estimated 64% of the voting constituencies who voted to leave. Their position is determined by a mix of ill-informed fantasy politics presuming the EU to be a saviour and direct links to sinister neoliberal pro EU forces.

We now have a new force of bourgeois nationalists and socialist internationalists fighting for the democracy and independence of Britain against liberal globalisers. The globalisers represent the free movement of capital, Labour, goods and services so necessary to the neoliberal agenda and the pillars of the EU.

The bourgeois nationalists do not have a strong coherent base and lack some popular appeal. They are finding it difficult to break the neoliberal, austerity framework and return to their somewhat eighteenth century version of laisse faire capitalism. The have 60 or so in Parliament.

More worryingly the socialist internationalists no longer can rely on a class conscious trade union movement. There were only around 11 leave voting socialists in Parliament.

Those claiming the mantle of socialism in some numbers in the Labour Party inherit liberal and individualistic traditions of thought and lack root in struggle. They tend to associate nation with reaction and have no pride in their country as being the creation of its workers and their struggles for progress and against exploitation. They associate being socialist with being ‘left wing’ but not with advancing the position of the working class.

There is a need to reclaim the working class concepts of internationalism, patriotism, socialism and nation. We love Britain and its people, and those of all other nations, we hate capitalism. Democracy and the rule of the majority is the greatest weapon against capitalism. We have to win the battle for democracy in Britain and build an independent nation.

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