Parliament vs People

Democracy is not quite dead yet, despite the best efforts of Parliament, which insists on talking to itself incessantly and ignoring the people.  It should come as no surprise that only one faction of Parliament is trying to deliver what the people decided over three years ago.  For all the bluster of remainers and their pretence of defending democracy it is they who are carrying out one of the most slow-moving coups in British politics, against the people. 

A diabolical mix of ‘centrists’, Blairites and mindless lefties is aligned with the Ruling Class of financiers and corporate interests.  Parliament wants a No Deal Brexit off the table because they don’t want any meaningful negotiations with the EU that might result in a Brexit deal.  They want to destroy the people’s democratic decision, preserve the metropolitan elite and continue our colonial dependence on Brussels.

Any cracks in the EU are threats to Neo-Liberalism. Too many MPs want to remain inside a weak and failing EU because they have no vision for Britain other than a client state of Europe that provides finance and some services with low productivity. Labour, like other parties, says it wants another referendum but knows that is unlikely as Parliament wouldn’t vote for it through fear of an angry electorate. 

We Voted Leave

Like other parties they hide behind asking for another humiliating negotiating extension.  The Labour Party is a hollowed out shell.  It ignores the needs and aspirations of our working class as shown in its self-destruction in Scotland, losing most of its seats.  Labour is a counterfeit organisation that clothes itself with the trappings of working class values; nothing could be further from the truth.

We are in new territory. The two main parties have changed radically, one positively, one disastrously.  Momentum is yet another example of entryism by ultra-left groups,  which have scant regard for our class.  The actions of factions within the Tory Party and opposition parties are designed to keep the political elite class in power at all costs.  What have we come to when the stupidity and connivance of Labour with dissident Tories has resulted in another old Etonian, Johnson, being the only instrument for the delivery of Brexit by 31st October?

Parliament has shown itself incapable of acting democratically in the interests of the British people.  The responsibility remains with us to change how we govern ourselves.  We cannot allow politicians to destroy our democracy.