Vote Leave! The struggle continues.

Many people are ready to Vote Leave today; the EU and politicians on the Remain side have been scaremongering. Osborne, the chancellor has threatened reprisals on the British people if they votes to leave the EU; if we do, in his next budget he promises NHS cuts and tax rises. Financial markets show instability in the face of a British exit, and this is taken as proof that leaving the EU will be bad for Britain.

Remain MPs are getting ready to delay legislation taking us out of the European Union; they can hold things up in various ways. Firstly by refusing to repeal the European Community’s Act which took us in the first place, secondly by joining the European Economic Area and remaining part of the single market, thirdly refusing or delaying legislation needed to disentangle Britain from the EU. They could also require a second referendum on the terms of an exit.

The EU is sometimes talked about as a club but it is more like a debt agreement with a loan shark. Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union, provides the mechanism by which member states are “allowed” to leave the EU. A country should give notice of its intention to withdraw; an agreement should be made with the leaving state on terms of exit and on new relationships with the EU; the country will be excluded from the decision-making process; the exiting country can leave when a deal has been made or two years after stating its intentions: this period can be extended by the European Council; the country would be expected to apply the EU law until they have for the left.

Over the years and in line with its undemocratic structure the EU and has shown a singular disregard for the outcome of referendums throughout Europe. In 2001, Ireland was forced to have a second referendum when EU foreign ministers rejected a vote against the Nice treaty. When Dutch and French voters rejected the Euro-Constitution in 2005, an almost identical Treaty of Lisbon was put in its place; the Irish again were forced to have a second referendum. The EU policy on referendum in member states, is only have them if they can win; and if they lose, force the country to have further referendum till the EU gets its way.

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