US Votes For Jobs And Peace

Trump’s victory is a massive defeat for the forces of neoliberalism in the US and abroad. It is particularly significant in relation to our recent victory against neoliberalism in Britain. This could be one more nail in the EU’s coffin.

Professional pundits in the US, Britain and elsewhere, have spoken and written endlessly about the result. Many refuse to understand or accept exactly why the working class voted for Trump. Workers wanted real productive jobs, serious investment in manufacturing, and capital spending on infrastructure, such as housing, schools, hospitals and roads.

Their real concerns have been trivialised by dismissive terms such as ‘populism’, not used in its real sense, but as a criticism of the working class per se. We are ignorant and stupid, incapable of serious thought. Many commentators accuse those who voted to leave or for Trump, as being racist, which exemplifies their lazy thinking and patronising attitude towards our class. Race is the excuse given to deny the fact that there is an uprising against the political establishment, not just in Britain and America but in Europe and elsewhere.

Naomi Wolf, a feminist, said the election wasn’t so much about Trump’s well publicised misogyny and racism; it was more about giving the neoliberal elite, of which Hillary Clinton is a good example, a good kicking. While Trump has an unsavoury personality and reputation the voters only had the Clinton as an alternative. Many democrats could not vote for Clinton after the manipulation of the process to become the presidential candidate, which prevented Bernie Sanders, the more popular choice, from being chosen.

Corruption follows her political career. She has had an unacceptably close relationship with Wall Street, particularly Goldman Sachs, with corrupt payments to the Clinton Foundation by lobbyists from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Clinton’s arrogance leads her to act with impunity. She was instrumental in coordinating the US and EU’s attack on Libya, destroying the country. If elected she would have bombed Syria. She is an enthusiastic cold war warrior and played a leading role in the coup in Ukraine. Her hatred of Putin and Russia would have endangered world peace.

Contrast this with Trump’s claim that he desires peaceful and good relations with most countries. He has little time for the EU and seeks to renegotiate trade deals such as NAFTA. TTIP could finally be binned. No wonder the EU is worried. His attitude towards Israel and Iran is very disturbing, but it is not so different from Clinton’s hawkish views on both countries. Trump is sceptical of NATO, which will force all other 27 member states to take stock of their position, as he will not want America to continue to sustain 75% of its cost.

Can there be any more proof needed that Britain, America and the EU are entering a different era, where what they thought were certainties are now open to question? Here in Britain we need to re-evaluate how we rule ourselves. Terms such as ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ are increasingly meaningless. The only thing we need to concern ourselves with, is what is right for our class.

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