Privatisation is Theft

Every privatisation of public services represents theft and a great loss to our nation. Dr. Cable and his mates arrogantly asserted that last year’s privatisation of Royal Mail was good for Britain; the facts speak otherwise.

Cable and co have been very quiet over the past few months. When the shares were first traded they rocketed from 330p each to over 450p. Now, more than three months later they peaked at 650p, a massive rise of 86% on the original price! The loss to us, mere tax payers, is £2.8 billion which is six times what the government expects to get from the iniquitous bedroom tax. The silence from ministers is deafening. Two banks which facilitated the sell-off received £16 million. For Royal Mail customers post privatisation price increases are already taking place and the chief executive wants a pay deal of £1.5 million. Who is the more complacent, government ministers or us for allowing them to steal from us on such a grand scale?

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