Election: Tories Out, Vote Labour

We are faced with a key task, the removal of the Tories and their collaborators from government. To do so we must vote and campaign for Labour.

Continuation of Tory rule with whoever collaborates with them will result in further destruction of democracy, sovereignty, the economy, public services and civil and Trades Union Rights. A Tory government would continue serving the multinationals, the banks, the neoliberal elites and their agents, the US government and the EU.

Tory economic fraud

The Tory platform, a claim to economic competence, has no substance. Their ‘Economic Plan’ has no details other than a commitment to further huge cuts in public expenditure with another promise to eliminate the deficit, while actually increasing the overall national debt. It is dishonest and treacherous. Their misleading dogma is based on blaming the previous government for the economic collapse of 2008 caused by the banks’ speculation. The crash was aided by poor government regulation in the US, EU and here by the Blairites, egged on by the Tories and Liberal Democrats.

Austerity, presented as necessary savings in public expenditure to save the economy, is in fact a policy to transfer control and assets from public authorities to multinationals and banks. The latest example was the sale of the nation’s stake in Eurostar, a revenue-earning asset. This was the very opposite of investment; it was yet more theft. The attack on benefits is aimed at reducing government responsibility for citizens and their families stigmatising anyone in receipt of the benefits, which they or their families paid for, as ‘scroungers’.

The small increases in GDP last year, after the longest period of recession, was produced by encouraging private debt instead of increases in wages. It was another transfer of power from citizens to banks. Such a tiny upturn is fragile and depends on the maintenance of record low interest rates. Capitalist ‘recovery’ with a consequent increase in interest rates will result in hardship, bankruptcies, house and asset re-possessions by banks and another deeper recession. We can predict this by considering the huge scale of the trade deficit and lack of investment in manufacturing.

Public money for the banks

While cutting public expenditure the Bank of England has handed hundreds of billions to the banks through ‘Quantitative Easing’. The Tory ‘economic plan’ consists of nationalising the debts of the banks and privatising public services and assets.

Their commitment to Finance Capital and to a foreign policy at the service of US Imperialism threatens our security and will accelerate the breakup of Britain.

Tories EU Referendum – an elaborate lie

The promised ‘In-Out’ referendum on EU membership’ is also deceitful. They support the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which is being negotiated in secret by the US and EU. Tories therefore will continue the erosion of real democracy and its replacement by rule by multinationals and banks. This will be either through the EU or, if the referendum results in an ‘Out’ vote, by adopting the TTIP treaty. Either way they seek to extend the control of unaccountable corporations through the EU and TTIP. UKIP also supports TTIP so belying their claim to believe in a ‘self-governing’ Britain.

Labour’s break with Blair

While Labour is far from socialist (see below), its break with the neoliberalism of Blair is important and the real reason for the demonising of Ed Miliband. Its platform of control of the utilities, banning zero hours contracts, developing bank regulation, taxing of non-doms and multinationals, student fee reductions, rent regulation, council house building, and stopping NHS privatisation is a break with the neoliberal trend. The opposition to war on Syria contrasts with Blair’s lies designed to side with the US in the war on Iraq. A Labour victory is far from what is needed to restore democracy, Civil and Trades Union Rights, sovereignty, and control of our finances, resources and economy. It will, however, break the current destruction giving us a basis for progress. Saying ‘there is no difference between them’ is to hide the nature of the treacherous Tories.

Emergence of small parties

Disillusion with the current Westminster two party system has led to the emergence of smaller parties. This a positive trend as it shows the change in thinking by the British from the previous consensus. It does not however, offer the chance of defeating the Tories. For example the Scottish National Party (SNP) could win many seats due to its apparent progressive anti-Tory stance, but ultimately it has no stake in a progressive Britain.

The change required

In this election we cannot achieve the change Britain needs. We require a much deeper change including a written constitution (see below) to protect the interests of the nation and its people. A Labour election will end Tory destruction and that is much needed.

Vote Labour and continue to prepare for a new stage of struggle and to remove the 1%.


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