Crimea – Russia Stops NATO Adventurism

- One thrust of NATO’s strategy has been defeated now that the Russian parliament has accepted Crimea following the referendum decision of the people there by 96% in an 80% turnout to join Russia. This is important, as depriving the Russian Navy of its naval base in Crimea, Russia’s outlet to the Mediterranean was a key NATO aim.

The clear statement by the Russian government that it will defend Russian speakers in Ukraine has also deterred to some extent the use of armed fascists intimidating and attacking the populations in the East and South who have not supported the Kiev coup or the EU sponsored ‘association agreement’ to control Ukrainian trade and resources. The eastern population of Ukraine is therefore an obstacle to NATO and EU ambitions. But so are the rest of the Ukrainian people who are quickly discovering that the EU and NATO have not brought freedom and prosperity or European ‘values’ but austerity, increased poverty, and abuse and violence by the fascist gangs they recently welcomed as heroes. The fascists still occupy buildings, squares and streets, have not given up the weapons they took from army and police arsenals, and continue to wear masks.

The US invested $5 billion in sponsoring the coup through USAID and the National Endowment for Democracy, as Victoria Nuland, a US Assistant Secretary of State has admitted. A leaked conversation also caught her saying the EU should screw themselves,   as she and the US would be the ones to choose the future leaders in Kiev. Germany invested in the coup through the German Marshall Fund to suit the interests of a few German businessmen with ambitions in the Ukraine, while most of the German population and industry want stable trade with Russia.

Now the fascists from the ‘Right Sector’ surround the Kiev parliament demanding the resignation of the security minister after the death of one of their leaders while the security forces tried to arrest him. EU leader Ashton now criticizes the ‘Right Sector’ fascists for pressuring the coup government, but can they now control them? Many of the non-fascist demonstrators against Yanukovich protested against the control of the economy by the oligarchs. The government, far from controlling them, or better still nationalising their assets, has now put them in control of eastern cities. Citizens there cannot even elect who governs them locally. EU/ NATO rule turns out to be chaos, anarchy and tyranny by fascists and oligarchs.

Russia has stated many times that it does not intend to invade Ukraine. The US and EU governments can still join Russia in stabilising Ukraine by an international effort to allow the people the chance to create a constitution that allows a federal state in which the many ethnic groups, Ukrainian, Russian, Czech, Romanian and Hungarian enjoy equal rights and develop independently instead of being NATO/EU cannon fodder, to intimidate Russia into serving US/EU policy. It will disappoint some German and Polish capitalists and NATO and EU strategists but will stop the descent of Ukraine into further anarchy.

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