A Sad Day for Britain and Workers

Democracy means the power of the people.

The political system in Britain does not reflect the power of the people.

Elected representatives are drawn from political parties presenting their manifestos to a geographically based electorate largely via an all pervasive media machine.

Democracy is confined to the issue of what promises politicians will keep if their party is first past the post and able to implement its policies.

Opposition in Parliament is mainly limited to opposing everything the party opposite does.

About one in four of the voters voted for the Tories.

Under the Fixed Term Parliament Act they can now dominate for four or five years until they decide to leave, not when the people have had enough of them.

A new authoritarianism has therefore crept into democracy – the media pundits confine the debate, the politicians promise the earth, and Parliament enshrines the victor without regard for the majority who did not vote for them.

Britain’s politics and economy are dominated in an extraordinarily undemocratic way by the finance capitalists. They call the shots in a new way and the effect of their actions easily outmanoeuvre parliaments. The combined private wealth of the richest capitalists in Britain far outweighs the revenue raised by governments in taxes. Since the election results, shares have rocketed and the bosses have rubbed their hands in glee.

In addition, membership of the European Union puts unelected EU Commissioners in charge of key and fundamental areas of life and coupled with a slavish special relationship with the United States, means that Britain’s economy, much of which, including basic utilities, is owned by overseas capital, and our foreign policy can all too quickly coat tail the United States.

Add to this plans by the EU and the US to put the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) in place to give the giant corporations control over sovereign nations, and a new and frightening picture of rule by diktat is emerging.

The response of some is to disunite the nation of England and Scotland and Wales and turn them into competing regions. The reality is that all parts of Britain require an integrated plan of growth and development, a plan for rebuilding and removing the power of the 1% and dedicating the wealth of the nation to the good of the majority of the public who form the nation.

The lying liberals have gone. The ruthless Tories saw them off and repaid them with the customary knife. Labour, so keen to distance itself from the trade unions and to propose more if slower, austerity, paid a very costly price.

To restore democracy and engagement in government we need an independent Britain. Separatist plans for Scotland play perfectly into the hands of the EU and finance capital. We have had a hint at this already with the English Tory bruisers saying that financial autonomy for Scotland might be the best way of sorting them out. This would save the Exchequer some £8 billion a year and fit perfectly with the cuts agenda. It would also enable the Tories to get on with the boundary changes they want, to make it impossible under the existing system for any other party to govern – their vision of a thousand year Reich.

The neoliberal agenda of slash and burn will now gather pace.

Organised labour in the trade unions will be targeted unmercifully. Who knows what new laws or actions could be unleashed against trade unions as the main obstacle to the neoliberal onslaught.

Politics is too important to be left to the politicians and pundits. Endless, ineffectual opposition for five years will be useless, as the Labour Party licks its wounds, tears itself into left and Blairite factions and plans to do better next time. Endless protest will mean endless subjection.

Those who produce the wealth of the country in their unions, professional associations, community and civil organisations will have to plan a vision for a new united Britain, free and socialist.It is time to raise our aspirations, not fall through the floor in despair or wait for wind and tide to rise again in five years’ time.

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